This is the subject I want to approach today! This will need you to take action because nothing will happen without you taking action, right?

You`ll have to push your limits if you want to reach your goals. You have goals already set, yes? Nothing new will happen until you have this done, I hope you acknowledge this.

If it`s not the first you are reading my articles then I`m pretty confident you`ve already noticed the change because this change started to happen right here on my blog. I feel so much energy now and because of this I feel so wealthy!

In the first few weeks of this year, I was sure of myself I want to reach those goals, but after a couple of months I started to get discouraged. It was then when met some really wonderful people who helped me find out what exactly I wanted to do from now on with my life. And soon after this I`ve started to learn what were the things holding me back so I could reach the goals I`ve decided for myself.

New Energy, New Goals

When you have dark energy, this will most likely going to be seen in those results you want to achieve. Almost anything in life either takes energy from you or gives you energy. What you need to do is take a moment to figure out which are the things that takes energy from you.


The things that take energy from are in fact draining it from you. For me it was to sell a top tier program, an idea which I practically loved – but I wasn`t able to do it anymore. Take a moment and think for a second.

When you decide to engage with a person, you`ve practically started what is called “an open loop.” Each person you connect with will either drain you of energy or enhance you with it. It`s a fact of life. If by any chance the relationships you`ve started aren`t in line with what your visions are, you`ll for sure need to learn how to let go.

Practically anything you`ve started which has not been working out too good for you or isn`t making you feel comfortable is in fact a drain of your energy. And on top of this is something that if you won`t let go will probably stop you from achieving your goals. If you don`t try to move on, bad energy will continue to build and you won`t be able to move forward.

Soon doubt will start creep up as you aren`t comfortable enough with how things are going. This will soon make you feel stuck, overwhelmed and somehow frustrated. It`s essential to try and close all open loops as fast as you can.

Taking the Decision to Reach your Goals Is Important

For me this was a difficult decision but a need one because I had to move forward and become a better person. I had to shut down everything I was doing until then. I felt this was the best thing for me, taking this decision, and the first step was also the most important. I guess the most important thing is to realize what`s draining you of your energy.

You have to keep your eyes wide open to the things you are doing and find out how they influence your energy. All the things that you feel are slowing you from reaching your goals then you most definitely need to be aware of them and make the necessary adjustments.

I`ve managed to move forward and close all the doors I felt I had to close. Now I`m no longer afraid of changes, in fact I embrace them. It`s important not to be afraid. If you are afraid, you`ll try to resist and this can`t be good for you.

It`s really not important how much money you have spent for a project or how much time you have put into it. If you come to the conclusion you need to let ig to, then let it go! It`s as simple as that. This is a freedom you need to experience, especially if it will take courage from your part!

Almost anyone out there has this kind of problems, at least from some point of view. If you have never been one of those people at some point, you should ask yourself if you are human or not. But we are all able to be aware of them and then put a plan in action to go over or around them.

Are you one of those people who have an online business and are working from home? Do you have days that are passing fast and you don`t know where they`ve gone? Do you have days when you really wonder if you managed to accomplish something important? Do you actually see any real results in those days? Are you really thinking of what can be the reason for you being held back?

Well, today is your lucky day as I`m going to share with you 3 of the most important success killers to help you become a disciplined human being.

Distraction – Nr.1 of Success Killers

This is can be the main reason from getting things done the way you want them to. Is that thing you are allowing to keep you out of your working mode. Is that thing that doesn`t allow you to reach your real goals.

Here`re Several Big Success Killers

– How many hours do you spend on social media each day?

– How many times to you check your email address each day?

– Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

– It could also be a member of your family or even your pet.

Success Killers

These can be a few of the biggest success killers which can stop you from reaching your goals.

Procrastination – Nr.2 Reason for Success Killers

If you are an online entrepreneur, you may already know by now that you have to create a lot of content. But what you really do most of the times? You always place it in a corner and say to you`ll do them later. This way it will always remain on your to-do-list, but never actually gets anything done.

Can you see now what I mean from procrastination? This can be one of the biggest success killers there is out there.

So what I`m going to do is tell you just about the same thing as when distraction was involved. You have o include this in your schedule. Always avoid putting it off. Include it in your schedule and then do it. After you get it done, check it off your to-do-list and be aware of how this makes you feel. Learn from these feelings so you can always move forward.

3. Overwhelm – Nr.3 But Just as Important as the Other Ones

Ohh, in these times of info domination, with all the webinars and training courses that you have on your to-do-list, you must be aware by now that this is really another one of those big success killers.

Sometimes you just feel overwhelmed and you aren`t sure if you can manage. You become frustrated and in return you start to actually doing nothing, and of course, there are no positive results from this.

Do you feel yourself a victim from any of these 3 success killers? If yes, you really need to start thinking of this from a different perspective. You need to find a way to go around them. If you let it happen, you make a choice. Is your own option, that`s it! You have the opportunity to make another choice. Is only about the power of will, nothing more.

If you managed to stay focused on the end results, it will soon start to become a habit. You`ll start to see progress and feed yourself with the positive results step by step. It`s not easy! If it would have been easy, you wouldn`t be here, right? But it can be done. You are not the first person going through this. It all depends on you, always remember that.

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To Your Success!

Cheryl Schmidth

What feelings do you have when things are not going exactly the way to you want them to go? Because I guess you understood by now that all people have such days, right?

You Are Only What You Do

Why only some people can inspire others? Most people have knowledge of what they are doing but not all people have knowledge about why they do things the way they do. Does profit have anything to do with this? Well, this maybe means money being involved you have an issue.

I`m referring to your purpose, your cause if you will. Most people out there do not really buy what you do but rather why you do the things you do. Your target should be to be involved with people who see things as you do. And it`s also very important for you to believe in what you do. You can`t expect for others to believe in what you do if you don`t believe it.

I learned this recently – people will always buy why do things the why you do them, not what things you do. Because that way they are able to understand that you believe in what you do. Actually, most people will only do things which they believe in. The main reason people may work with you against their own principles will be because they do not really believe in what you do but why do you it. I`m guessing now it all makes sense!

Do What You Do

Most of What We Are Doing Is Because of Others Who Lead

Always believe the fact that there are people who lead and there are leaders. Leadership is when you hold a position in which you have authority. We are inspired by those who lead us. Most times we follow them because we what to not because we really have to. We follow them for ourselves, not necessarily for them. And only people who wonder themselves and always ask “Why?” are capable to inspire others around them.

The Things You Are Doing Make a Difference

How are we able to go around all the negative vibrations? The answer is quite simple – Gratitude! Yes, we all have plenty to be grateful for. I`m grateful for all the people visiting my site today. There is plenty around us to be grateful for. How about having connection to the internet? Yes, there are others out there who only dream of such a thing. Be grateful that you have people around willing to support you in reaching your own dreams. There is plenty out there for which we can be grateful.

If you there are times when there are no sunny days, instead of concentrating of what is going on, concentrate on being grateful for something. I`m pretty sure if you take a moment and thing about it for a second, you`ll find enough to be grateful for.

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Cheryl Schmidth

I was talking with a friend a few days ago and her child is having some issues of some sort with the other child which is a boy. She said something like her daughter was going to give in while she will let her boy move in with the other parent (they are separated). For me this is exactly the same thing as taking the easy way out. I have several reasons for thinking this and I thought I would share them with you on my site.

This discussion happened a few days ago and has brought me a few bad memories but I want to outline from the start I didn`t take the easy way out. I fought with everything I could to raise my children into becoming responsible adult people.

The Easy Way Out

Now, would you please let me know if I`m doing something wrong here? My ex loves drinking and he would never miss an opportunity to take my son with him to have someone to drive him back. Yes, that was the main reason and, of course, my son always said yes because he loves to drive. He even bragged about this whenever he had the chance not being aware of the consequences. This didn`t go for a long time because I confront his father about this and never allow my child to visit him.

Yes, I could`ve been one of those people taking the easy way out, but what would this be saying about me? This was not the way I wanted to child to raise.

Believe when I say to you that this didn`t made things easier between us. I was sure that if I let my son around this father, it wouldn`t be the right way. Yeah, I was named in every way possible by his father.

What You Would Have Been Done?

At some point, my ex came to our house to talk about the custody of our children. I simply told him I have nothing against letting him around our boys, but no drinking around them whatsoever. Well, fortunately we understood each other that this would be in the best interest of your children. It was some sort of a miracle actually.

The next thing that happened was that he would tell our children he will come to get them but never showed up. My children blamed me, of course. It would have been best if I would have taken the easy way out?

This way one of the most difficult periods of time of my life. My son turned against me and we have more fights than I could count.

Life Always Goes On, Right?

Yeah, I had a few tough times in my life, but each and every bad experience I endured made me the woman I`m today. There were a few times when I thought to take the easy way out, but I didn`t and I`m proud of it. I hope you are too.

Now this story was shared for one simple reason on my site. Make anything possible to avoid taking the easy way out. If you believe in something, fight for it. But you need to be true to yourself you are doing the right thing so you can avoid hurting others. If you really want something, don`t take the easy way out – go and grab it!

Remember that you don`t have more than one life to live. We all need help at some point, so if you are in such a situation, don`t be afraid or shamed to ask for help. Most of my life I thought I could handle almost anything there is to handle in life. But remember this – life can be much easier if we have at least another person who can support you in such moments. At least for guidance if not for anything else.

As you can imagine, this was exactly what I was advising my friend. On the long run, taking the easy way out is never a good option.

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To Your Success!

Cheryl Schmidth

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